Acute Pain Service
(pain relief after surgery)

Rockdale Anesthesia Services, P.C. provides several excellent methods of pain relief after surgery. The anesthesia department is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for management of acute or postoperative pain.


Patient Controlled Epidural Analgesia is one technique available for pain control following surgery on the abdomen, chest, or legs. An epidural catheter is placed under sedation prior to surgery and then pain medication is then infused through the catheter after the surgery. A patient has the ability to self administer additional doses through the epidural catheter as needed. This technique of postoperative pain control relieves about 80% of the pain. One of the advantages of epidural pain control is the ability to relieve pain while maintaining alertness.

We also administer several types of individual nerve blocks which can relieve pain for 12 to 36 hours following surgery. The type of nerve block performed depends on the site of surgery.

We are also available for consultation for management of Intravenous Patient Controlled Analgesia (IVPCA) in cases where the surgeon would like assistance or complicated cases where control of pain is difficult. IVPCA is a technique whereby narcotic pain medication is administered intravenously as needed by a special pump. When the patient begins to hurt, he may push a button that causes the pump to administered a preset amount of narcotic pain medication into the patients intravenous line. This technique generally relieves about 60% to 70% of the pain following surgery.